The best extermination methods of bedbugs

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Bedbug infestation can give you sleepless nights. The good news is that you can get rid of them without any stress. All you have to do is just use one of the extermination methods to get rid of bedbugs. The Extermination MG uses the modern techniques that totally exterminates the bed bugs. Here are some of the best extermination methods at your disposal.

Different methods

Over the counter pesticides

bedbug victim One of the methods that you can use is the over the counter pesticide. You can buy the pesticides and get rid of the bed bugs with ease. You can also hire professionals to spray your house with the pesticide. The professionals are experienced and will give you better results. Furthermore, they have the needed training to ensure you and your family is safe.


Vacuuming is a do it yourself method of killing bed bugs. You must use a powerful suction wand to get effective results. You should vacuum the mattresses, carpets, box springs and baseboards. It is advisable to repeat the vacuuming several times to get rid of all the bugs. Make sure that the vacuum has a disposable bag where the bed bugs will be tossed after vacuuming. If you leave the bed bug in the vacuum, they can escape and spread the infestation.

Heating services

You can make use of ambient heating services to treat infested rooms. Such services can heat up the room up to 140 degrees. The temperature is maintained for two hours to kill bedbugs and even the eggs. The heat treatment comes with a heating device and a fan. Ambient heat treatments can be suitable for use in areas that are cluttered. It is also appropriate for residents who do not want to use pesticides. The main advantage of heating treatment is that they are chemical free.

Mattress encasements

You can also make use of mattress encasements to seal your mattress. The encasement will suffocate the bedbugs. The mattress encasement is specifically designed to get rid of bed bugs. It is suitable for areas where there are many beds. For the method to be effective, it is advisable to use a new mattress.

Portable steamers

The bedbugsother method you can use to get rid of those bed bugs is portable steamers. For the method to be effective, the steam has to be directed to the pest. However, it can be difficult to implement when there is a severe infestation. Professional exterminators can use advanced technology to make thorough applications. You can treat your beddings and clothing by using a dryer. You should run the dryer for 15 minutes to get rid of all the bed bugs.

The Best Snow Cone Maker

snow cone maker machine

Snow cones – crunchy ground ice desserts drizzled with flavored syrups, are a delicious treat that is fat free and full of flavor. They’re particularly enjoyable to cool down in the hot summer months and are popular at the amusement park, baseball games and ice cream restaurants and stands. If you love snow cones so much you want to enjoy them anytime at home, or you have a restaurant or café and want to serve snow cones to your customers, you’ll need to invest in a snow cone maker.

How to choose a snow cone maker

snow cone makerThere are two types of machines to consider when you’re looking for a snow cone maker and you need to choose one that produces the texture of ice you prefer. Snow cone machines produce crunchy, granular ice, while shaved ice machines produce light and fluffy ice. These terms are often used interchangeably when people talk about snow cones, but most machines can only produce one type.

Manual snow cone makers

Manual snow cone makers use a hand crank to grind ice cubes into small granules. These machines are easy and safe for anyone to use (even children), though they can be hard work to grind enough ice for a serving. They don’t take up much space in the kitchen and tend to be less expensive than electric machines.

Electric snow cone and shaved ice machines make it much easier to make snow cones quickly as they grind the ice cubes with an electric motor at the touch of a button.

Electric snow machines

The best snow cone maker is designed for businesses and can produce a large number of shaved ice desserts very quickly, using bags or large blocks of ice. These commercial machines are typically more expensive and take up a lot more space than machines intended for domestic use.

You might also want to consider the type of ice each machine takes. Many machines use ice cubes, but some types of machines need them to be in a special shape other than the regular cubes. Some machines also use blocks of ice rather than cubes.

1. Hawaiian shaved ice machine S900A

Hawaiian Shaved Ice specializes in snow cone machines so you know you are buying a brand with the right knowledge and experience. This machine uses round blocks of ice and comes with two molds for freezing them in advance. Ice cubes can also be used for a coarser texture. It’s a small unit that looks unobtrusive on the countertop and can be dissembled quickly for easy cleaning. This machine is also available as a “party package” with three different syrups, snow cone cups, and spoon straws. This model is definitely one of the best snow cone makers. It produces two different textures of ice depending on if you use the blocks or ice cubes, it’s easy to use and it works well.

2. Nostalgia SCM502 vintage collector snow cone maker

This vintage-style snow cone maker looks great at parties and has a holder for two snow cones. It also comes with two reusable plastic cones and an ice scoop. The machine takes regular ice cubes and fills a large storage bin with the shaved ice. It can then be scooped out into cones or serving dishes ready for you to drizzle syrup on the top. It’s ideal for making a large number of snow cones quickly. The texture of the ice produced is fine and granular, but not as fluffy as shaved ice. A safety feature prevents the machine from running when the lid is off, so you need to make sure you add enough ice to start with.

3. Waring Pro SCM 100 professional snow cone maker

Pro SCM 100 professional snow cone makerThis machine is robust enough for commercial use but doesn’t take up too much space and would fit right into any kitchen. It takes normal ice cubes (up to 12 at a time) and produces enough ice for 4 cones within 30 seconds. It produces slightly crunchy ice with pieces that are not as uniform in size as some of the other machines – you may end up with some larger chunks. It’s better for those who prefer the texture of snow cones to shaved ice.