Rejuvenating Your House with Regular Maintenance


Your house needs regular maintenance. It has withstood the weather and temperature change, and there must have been parts that need repair or replacement. Negligence will only cost you at the end.

Think of your house as an investment. The value decreases as the damage increases. Regular inspection and maintenance can keep the value close to the common price at the estate market.

Appearance is also important to observe. No one wants to have a house that looks abandoned and desolate. Besides, the cracks on walls should get a serious inspection. They can be the sign of a breaking foundation.

These following tips can help you to avoid losing the value and aesthetics of your house.

Roof maintenance

shingleStarting from the top part that protects you against weather, you should inspect for leaks and any signs of decaying. The presence of moss on the gap between shingles means that there has been a leak and manifestation of water. If the damage is not too much, clear the shingle from the moss and apply waterproofing paint.

The roof has a lasting age. An asphalt roof can protect everyone beneath it effectively in approximately 25 years. Beyond that, cracks start to appear, and shingles will dislodge from the place.

The roof inspection should be done at least once in a year. But this frequency depends on how extreme the weather has been. If you experience storms lately, then you should check the roof by the end of the month.

Waterproofing the roof does not prolong the lifespan of the roof. It just repairs the existing damage. Curling and buckling on the shingle are the signs for you to get a replacement.

Plumbing system maintenance

PlumbingThe plumbing system in your house is vital to your health and everyone living with you. It affects whether you can get access to clean water or not. And any clogs in the plumbing system can ruin the house hygiene. From the financial perspective, good plumbing system can make the fifteen percent of the total value of a house.

The key to keep the cost down for plumbing maintenance is to deal with the small problem immediately as it occurs. Procrastinating for reparation will worsen the clogging or the leaking because water keeps circulating in the system.

The bathroom and the kitchen are the places where water needed and used the most. Drain clog in the kitchen is caused mainly by unfiltered food waste, while in the bathroom, hair, oil, and soap scum are the culprit.

If you need a quick repair, do not hesitate to call plumbing service. Look for the service providers who can offer help 24 hours in seven days. Plumbing service also provides professional maintenance, which can be helpful for your regular maintenance program.

Inspection of the house foundation

As what has been written previously, noticeable cracks on the walls or anywhere on the house can be a sign of damage in the foundation. Another sign is that when the doors got difficult to close because there is uneven spacing. If these happen, you should get an expert opinion and avoid experimentation by repairing it by yourself.

Reckless modification on the foundation can be dangerous as it can make the house vulnerable to fall apart. If a new foundation is needed, you should be prepared to spend at around 40,000$. Getting a repair, on the other hand, will cost you approximately 10,000$ for braces bolting, or concrete piers installation.