Teach Your Son Important Lessons

father kissing son

Fathers have a huge role to play in the maturity, growth and development of their sons; the father is the first guide every son has. A lot of fathers do not understand that being the head of the home places is a critical duty on them. Many of the problems we see in our societies today are traceable to poor parenting, especially from fathers.

I believe that if fathers take up their responsibilities seriously and bring up their children with the right virtues, we would greatly curb a lot of the vices that exist in our societies today. This write-up is designed to provoke men to become better fathers to their sons.

Valuable lessons fathers should teach their sons

How to maintain a balanced lifefather and son jogging

Fathers must teach their sons to keep a balance in all the important aspects of a man’s life. These are mental, spiritual, social/relationships and financial. Fathers must teach their sons the importance of all these areas in the development of a real man. Real men make stable societies.

Never to raise their hands on a woman

It is an important lesson that every child must first observe from his father. Fathers must train their kids that no matter how annoying any woman is, a good man never hits a woman. Fathers must teach their sons that only weak men hit women.

How to be responsible for their families

It is amazing when you hear the tales of a lot of young men. Fathers must teach their sons to be willing to accept responsibility for all their actions and strive hard to take good care of their families. They must teach them to make adequate provisions for the needs of their families. Running from responsibilities is not manly.

To dream big and be content

Contentment is a virtue that all fathers must teach their sons. Fathers should teach their sons to appreciate what they have while they work hard to attain what they want. They must teach their sons not to envy others, rather work hard and remain grateful for what they have.


Fathers must teach their sons to practice self-control in all their dealings. They must teach them how to control their dad and son emotions, their words, and their thoughts. Fathers must make their sons understand that real strength lies not in the ability to control others rather in the capacity of self-control.

The best way to make people learn is to show them and not just tell them. To the fathers who have read this article, you must practice these things if you want your sons to practice them.